WHAT is the farm ABOUT?

Located in the north central region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Fiddle Knoll Farm sits on what was once a dairy farm established in the early 1900s by Finnish farmers.  Today, the farm is home to our flock of sheep and my dog behavior and training business.  With the twin farm goals of being grass-based and putting our animals first, we are committed to producing the highest quality wool and lamb for ourselves and our customers.

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We love our animals, we want to eat healthy food, and we appreciate wool as a renewable resource with a number of natural benefits.  Luckily, our customers do too.  So we put our focus there.  

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Our current flock of Romney and Romeldale/CVM sheep is shorn annually each spring and fleeces are sold to handspinners and crafters across the country.  As a spinner and knitter, I understand the beauty of a clean, quality, luxurious fleece.  Therefore, each customer fleece is managed, selected and prepared as if I were going to painstakingly use it myself.  All fleece and rovings/tops are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



Our lamb is pastured and grass-fed.  Medications such as antibiotics and anthelmintics are used only on an as-needed basis to maintain individual animal health and never as routine practice.  We eat a lot of our own meat because we like knowing where it comes from and how it was raised.  Because we choose to take another life to sustain our own, we do it with gratitude and a commitment to their well-being.  It matters to us.  We hope it matters to you too.